Flutter is the hot topic around and BLOC -the famous state management technique is gaining popularity these days, but developers find it hard to understand . So it’s time to break the ice and learn it in the best way using examples, so let’s just jump right into it and have a clear picture of why do we need architecture in first place.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is the need of architecture?
  2. What is Layered Architecture ?
  3. What is BLOC pattern ?
  4. Benefits of using BLOC

What is the need of architecture?

Assume you have a factory of candies, and currently only strawberry flavoured candy is been manufactured. You…

Flutter is booming in the mobile market as the next revolution. It has proven to hold the potential to win over every mobile technology and become the only choice for cross-platform app development in the future. In this article we will add Cloud Firestore to our Flutter application, perform different read, and write operation . To follow along it is crucial to understand JSON first.

What is JSON and Why do we need it ?

JSON stands for javascript object notation, it is a data-interchange format which is used for the communication purposes between two platforms . Now, the question arises why do we need JSON? It is analogous in…

A growing trend:-

Electricity demand has been increasing day by day and the major part is consumed in the cooling purposes. Air conditioning accounts for nearly 15% of primary energy used by United States.

But , In this modern world do we really need electricity to cool a building ? The answer is a big NO. How is it possible? To know this please follow the post till the end.

Let me start by explaining these terms:

Passive means without consuming electricity, radiative means emission of radiation (As we all know every body radiates heat weather its a human body…

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